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A safe alternative for seasonal allergies ...

The spring is such a beautiful time in New England with the trees budding and the flowers blooming, however many people dread this time of year because they suffer symptoms of seasonal allergies. We are lead to believe the only relief out there lies in over the counter or prescription medications, such as Claritin, which are often not 100% effective and can have unwanted side effects. The biggest problem with medicating allergies is that you are not addressing the core issue which is that your immune system  is not working properly. These medications actually further damage an already weakened immune system. Healthy bodies do not experience seasonal allergies.

 The good news is there is a safe alternative that actually works!  Allerplex by Standard Process improves the body’s immune response to seasonal, environmental and dietary stressors.  Like all Standard Process products it is organic and whole-food based.  Completely safe and natural. Allerplex provides the best of both worlds; effective symptomatic relief while building an immune system smart enough to know that plants are not the enemy!

Read one seasonal allergy sufferer’s testimonial about how Allerplex helped her:

“Since my senior year in high school, I have been experiencing terrible seasonal allergies during the entire month of May. Despite my mother’s advice to take Allerplex, I made a trip (foggy-eyed and sneezing uncontrollably) to the closest CVS to pick up Claritin. I was taking it every day and still experiencing an itchy throat, runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes. After two weeks, I became so fed up I was willing to try anything. I took 3 Allerplex first thing when I woke up and within an hour I realized I hadn’t been rubbing my eyes or sneezing. I have now been taking Allerplex for two weeks and it is amazing how much better my eyes, throat, and runny nose are. I can now go back to wearing contacts, which I usually have to give up in May.  It turns out that Allerplex doesn’t suppress my immune system but instead helps my respiratory system deal with the allergic response while strengthening my immune system.  I have learned that humans are not supposed to be allergic to natural flowers and plants and that my symptoms are a sign of a weak immune system.  My plan for next year is to start taking Allerplex in April so my spring-time allergies will be only mild or hopefully non-existent! “   – Maura V.

            Two GREAT things to you can do to prevent seasonal allergies:

  1. Get regular chiropractic care to boost the power of your immune system.
  2. Purchase Allerplex and take 3-3X/day during the allergy season.

40 capsules/$9 or 150 capsules/$27

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