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Meet The Doctor at Northboro Chiropractic Center

Dr. Karen Moriarty

Dr. Karen MoriartyDr. Karen has been in practice since 1984, and sees chiropractic care as more than just a career-it’s a soul-fulfilling passion for her. Her greatest source of joy is to witness the people that she cares for experience the optimal health that allows them to enjoy their lives to the fullest. She was a very sick child and young adult and experienced chiropractic care’s power to revolutionize her health. Since then, it has become her life’s mission to provide that experience for others.

Dr. Karen’s current role in the practice is Clinic Director. She reviews every case with the rest of her team bringing her perspective and experience of more than 38 years of patient care.

Outside of the office, Dr. Karen most enjoys spending time with family and friends especially in the outdoors and especially with her two granddaughters. Her “happy places” include any beach, Tower Hill Botanical Garden and all forms of beautiful nature. Her favorite travel locations are Ireland and Iceland. Dr. Karen’s favorite forms of exercise are Barre and yoga classes, hiking and biking on rail trails. She enjoys immersing herself in the community through supporting and participating with local organizations.


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