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Daily driving ... less stressful & more productive!

Tips on how to make daily driving less stressful & more  healthy!


We all spend a great deal of time in our vehicles these days whether it’s commuting to and from work or school, errands or car-pooling the kids.  The sitting posture which reverses the natural and healthy curves of the neck and low back is doing more damage to our spine, our nervous system and our health than injuries now. Americans are spending a greater percentage of their day in the sitting position every year. 

Here are some great tips to counteract the stress and spinal damage of driving:

  1. 1.  Proper posture

–         It is important to maintain the natural curve in your lower back.  Once this curve is supported, the rest of your posture automatically improves.  Some cars come with a built in lumbar support or you can purchase a lumbar support cushion from our office.

–         Your arms should comfortably reach the steering wheel w/o having to stretch.

BOTH hands on the wheel at all times!

–          Your head should be level with the head rest and no more than 7 cm away. This will prevent that unhealthy for your nervous system forward head posture!

  1. 2.  Exercise/stretch

–         Stop hourly during long car rides. Walk around for a few minutes. Then place your hands on your lower spine, keep your knees straight and bend your lower spine backwards. Hold for 30 seconds. Take a 15 second break and repeat two more times.

–         Hold steering wheel with hands at 10 & 2, press shoulder blades and head into seat and head rest, hold 5-7 sec, repeat 5 times. This can be done while driving.

  1. 3.  Listen to calming music or Books on CD

–         Mellow, soothing music will keep you calm and focused which helps you be a safer driver!

–         Interesting, motivational or educational books make a long drive much more enjoyable

  1. 4.  manage Driving Stress

–         Always give yourself extra time so traffic delays won’t send you into a stress response

–         Remind yourself that stressing out on the road is truly “sweating the small stuff”!!  When traffic doesn’t cooperate, make a mental list of 20 things you are grateful for while taking long deep breaths. This will immediately calm you and put a smile on your face!

  1. 5.  Regular chiropractic care

–         A healthy nervous system handles stress much more effectively and easily!


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