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The health of tomorrow starts with our children today ...

To help as many people as possible live their best life ever

                                  ………..especially children

This is our new mission statement and will be appearing on one of our walls very soon! We feel that this statement expresses the mission of our office perfectly.  Why “especially children”?  That’s an easy answer.  We LOVE children.  Dr. Karen and Casey have taken special post-graduate education in the gentle and effective chiropractic care for our pediatric practice members.  Just think about what your life and health would be like if you were adjusted since the day you were born?  Think about if there were chiropractors in the hospital maternity wards waiting to care for the newborn spine soon after birth. Now that is a chiropractic dream come true!  A world where our children express their best growth and development, immunity, physical fitness, ability to learn and inner peacefulness. Let’s make sure that we share with as many parents as possible, the importance of chiropractic care for children.  And for our adults, we want so much more than a pain-free spine for you.  Our goal is for you to experience the true magic of the health and vitality that happens when regular chiropractic care continuously turns on the body’s natural power to heal, be healthy and live your best life ever!

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