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The truth about symptoms and wellness care

The 3 Truths About Symptoms and Wellness Care

1)      As unpleasant as they might be, symptoms are not actually the problem, but more importantly an alert to an underlying issue that should be heeded, not ignored or suppressed with medication.  When we experience symptoms, some great questions to ask ourselves are:

  1. Am I getting enough rest/sleep?
  2. Have I been eating unhealthy foods?
  3. Am I drinking enough clean water?
  4. Am I exercising enough for my body?
  5. Have I been under a lot of stress lately?
  6. Have I been receiving enough chiropractic care? – chiropractic care optimizes the function of our nervous system which determines our ability to adapt to the various stressors listed above.   With regular adjustments, spinal health is optimized, allowing proper nervous system function and a de-stressed body that performs at its best.
  7. Does my body need purifying? – consider creating a health tradition of doing our

Purification Program once a year.  This delicious and nutritious 21 days of eating super healthy foods and cleansing products transforms your health on many levels.  You are guaranteed to experience more health, energy and lose weight!  Let Alyssa know if you want to join our office in October for our next Purification Program.


2)      Wellness chiropractors do not diagnose or treat conditions and diseases.  Instead we are the only profession in the world trained to locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations – one of the most significant causes of interference to our optimal function and health. Chiropractic wellness care focuses on improving the health of every cell, tissue, organ, gland and system in your body rather than suppressing symptoms.

3)     The Germ Theory was disproven even before Louis Pasteur died.  Dr. Pasteur publicly acknowledged at the end of his life, that it was the health of the body that determined whether or not a virus, bacteria or other unwanted microbe was able to infect us.  Sadly, our current medical care system is becoming less and less effective at “killing” these invaders but offers no advice on how to build a powerful immune system that will out-perform any drug that science could come up with.  And best of all, there are no dangerous side effects!


Want to learn more? Come to our free workshop on Powerful Immunity which includes a thoughtful discussion on the vaccination controversy and offers a scientifically proven middle ground solution.  Your friends and family are welcome. This workshop will be held here on August 20th at 6:00pm.  Seating is limited so please let Alyssa know, call 508.393.2513 or email us at

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