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The truth about the search for the cure for cancer

“There are no mentions of eating healthy foods, getting proper levels of cancer preventing Vitamin D, or cutting out sugar-the substance that feeds cancer cells-in any of its (Susan G. Komen Foundation) “public health education” efforts.  Even though these are scientifically proven ways to prevent cancer”.    Emily Michele, journalist


Over 20 years ago, President Richard Nixon declared a “War on Cancer”.  Since that time, the incidences of cancer are worse, and there is still not an effective conventional medical treatment available. Chemotherapy and radiation have NEVER shown any evidence that they keep people alive longer.  Literally trillions of dollars have gone into cancer research and treatment with no result.

Hala G. Moddelmog, former CEO and president of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, made over $550,000 one year- more than President Obama makes!  The Komen foundation has over $390 million in assets and had a total revenue of nearly $312 million in the fiscal year ending March 2010.  Despite this incredible amount of money, they still aren’t any closer to understanding the true key to preventing and curing cancer.

Why? For starters, does it make sense to seek a cure by surgery, toxic chemicals and radiation?  Could those three methods be doing more harm than good?  Absolutely!  A sick body is never going to get well through poisons and trauma.  It can only get well by making it healthier; annual detoxification, super nutrition & water, exercise, stress management and chiropractic care which empowers the nervous system to create a strong and effective immune system are all parts of a highly effective cancer prevention program.


Breast Health and Natural Cancer Prevention Workshop

 Monday, May 13, 2013 @ 6pm

 Sign up with Alyssa, call 508-393-2513 or email to reserve your seat(s) today!

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