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You snooze, you win!

“Sleep is the most undervalued contributor to optimal health and performance.”

according to Dr. Keith Humphreys, professor of psychiatry at Stanford University.


Dr. Humphreys is absolutely right; sleep is absolutely one of the MOST important cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle.   Most people realize that a good night’s sleep recharges their batteries, physically and mentally.  But here are some other wonderful things that quality sleep gives us:

1)     Balances the hormones that control hunger and regulate appetite.  So people who regularly get a good night’s sleep, weigh less!

2)    Reduces our risk for diabetes because it has a healthy affect on insulin regulation.

3)    Reduces our risk for all cancer because during sleep, our immune system recharges too.

4)    Lowers blood pressure.

5)    Stimulates the release of growth hormone which is vital for normal development of children but also has wonderfully beneficial effects in adults as well:

  1. Makes bones stronger
  2. Increases muscle mass
  3. Promotes the loss of fat cells
  4. Increases protein synthesis and stimulates optimal maintenance of internal organs
  5. Supports your pancreas’ ability to make insulin
  6. Stimulates the immune system

In other words, growth hormone makes us look and feel younger!!


If you are struggling with getting a rejuvenating night’s sleep, sign-up with Alyssa now for our Sweet Dreams, Deep Sleep Workshop now.   It is being held on Monday, December 2nd at 6pm.  As always, your family and friends are welcome!!

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