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You snooze, you win - part 2


Once upon a time, we woke with the sun, went back to sleep soon after dark, ate only organic foods and clean water, breathed clean air and got lots of exercise through activities of daily living outdoors in healthy sunshine.  There was no insomnia!  Then, about a hundred years ago, the gift of electricity changed everything.  As soon as our eyes were exposed to artificial light, our brains were fooled into believing it was daytime when the skies were dark, thus disturbing the natural melatonin production of our endocrine system and wreaking havoc on millennia-old healthy sleep patterns.  Our world is more complex, fast-paced and anxiety-ridden than ever.  Our minds are stressed out and over-stimulated by hectic schedules, television, the internet, computer games and a tsunami of daily information over load.  Our bodies are restless from a lack of fitness producing physical activity, medications, caffeine, sugar, chemicals and processed foods in our diet. Spinal subluxations, caused by poor posture or injuries, increase the stress on our nervous system, thus interfering with ideal sleep and wake cycles.   All this is true for our children too!!

In 1994, about 70million Americans suffered from sleep problems. In 2002 it was 122 million!

SO HOW MUCH SLEEP DO WE REALLY NEEDto heal and revitalize our bodies, our minds and our spirit?

Infantsof course need the most sleep; 15-18 hours and they are lucky enough to be able to sleep almost anywhere.  Note: if an infant is suffering from colic or inadequate sleep patterns, it is ESSENTIAL for their optimal health, growth and development that they receive chiropractic care to correct this issue.

Children ages 1-5require 12-15 hours of sleep each night to be their healthiest.

School-aged children and adolescentsare best if they get about 9 hours of sleep.   Note: Some children who are lacking sleep will exhibit  ADD/ADHD behavioral symptoms rather than sleepiness. This could lead to a misdiagnosis and unnecessary risky medication. 

Adultsgenerally function best if they get 7-8 hours of sleep.

 If you are struggling with getting a good night’s sleep,

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